Our Vision

Inspiring today’s citizens with a passion for justice and truth which roused yesterday’s Chartist and Suffragette reformers.

Our Chartist Heritage (OCH) is a local voluntary organisation which advances the education of the public in the history and heritage of the Chartist movement.  We aim to raise the profile of Chartist heritage so that Newport  becomes more widely known nationally and internationally as “Newport – City of Democracy” –  and home to the 1839 Newport Rising which had a profound effect on the shaping of British democracy.


“Liberty in a smock frock is more than a match for tyranny in armour.” William Lovett

“We seek nothing but our rights as members of a civil community”  John Frost 1839

“I am for a peaceful revolution”  John Frost 29 June 1839.

“Freedom has been hunted round the globe; reason was considered as rebellion; and the slavery of fear had men afraid to think.  But such is the irrestistible nature of truth, that all it asks, all it wants, is the liberty of appearing”  Thomas Paine – Rights of Man

“Good laws are never resisted”  John Frost 1839

“Keep the Peace and laugh your enemies to scorn”      Henry Vincent  April 25 1839

“Keep the Peace I charge you – the slightest indications on our part would afford our enemies a pretext for letting loose their bloodhounds on us”   Henry Vincent  April 25 1839

“We seek for equality of rights and these will not be secured  to the people until the Charter, the People’s Charter, becomes the law of the land.”  The Female Chartists of Newport July 15th 1839

“We, the Female Patriotic association of Newport beg to congratulate you, Henry Vincent , on your liberation from the gaol of our tyrants”

“Inordinate taxation produces poverty—poverty misery—and misery crime.”    John Frost    29th June 1839

“Townsmen, Much of the evils of life proceeds fro the ignorant, corrupt, and oppressive men in authority.  The object of the Chartists is to place in the House of Commons, able, honest and industrious men.”  John Frost

“The strength of this government consists in its power to raise taxes on the people and then use the money to crush their liberties”  John Frost June 1839

“We, the Chartists, are for placing power into the hands of the people, who suffer by the abuse of it.”  John Frost   29th June 1839

“Let our determination be to have happiness for the poor, comfort for the mechanics and labourer, security and prosperity for the shopkeeper and merchant; WE MUST HAVE THE CHARTER”  Henry Vincent 1839

“Fellow countrymen, you now set a glorious example to South Wales, may it be followed, until slavery will be banished from our country, and peace and happiness the lot of the industrious man”  John Frost 21 May 1839

“If Club Law is to be the order of the day, those who play that game may find it a losing one”  John Frost 1839

“Universal suffrage means meat and drink and clothing, good hours, and good beds, and good substantial furniture for every man, woman and child who will do a fair day’s work”.

Bronterre O’Brien, Operative, 17 March 1839

“Chartists, think of your power in the matter of Exclusive Dealing.  Well managed it is a most powerful weapon”  Henry Vincent

“Fellow Countrymen,  The world cannot produce a more pleasing sight that men animated with love of liberty”  John Frost May 21st 1839

“Countrymen, Vast numbers of the members of the House of Commons obtain their.seats by bribery, by perjury, by drunkenness. No one will deny this; not even the members of this honourable house. The Chartists seek to change this system”     John Frost

“The time for action has come.  I therefore appeal to you to remember that, whatever course of action you resolve upon doing, throw every faculty and determination into it, and let your conduct be worthy of your most noble cause.”  Henry Vincent

“Henry Vincent is apprehended under a warrant issued by the Justices of the Peace.  The charge is certainly a serious one, AN ATTEMPT, BY TALKING, TO MAKE THE LABOURING CLASSES DISCONTENT WITH THEIR CONDITION”         John Frost July 29th 1839

“When a nation rouses from its slumber and its people display signs of returning vitality – the rulers of that nation are sure to take the alarm.”  Henry Vincent 1839

“ The evils of which we complain are caused by the present system of choosing members of the House of Commons.  A great many of MP’s buy their seats; they spend large sums of money to get into the House; and to indemnify themselves they tax the people.”  John Frost

“I believe that the meetings at Newport, in-doors and out of doors, were held to assist the House of Commons to pass the Popele’s Charter”   John Frost  1839

“Driven by desperation, by suffring, the people ask for a change”  John Frost

“Conscious of the power of her democratic sons and daughters, her rulers are now resorting to their last hope of desperation – the Spy!”  Henry Vincent 1839

“Beware of Spies!  There are more ways of killing a dog than hanging him”  Henry Vincent

“Democracy means the power of the people in promoting the happiness of the whole human family, irrespective of their country, creed, or colour . . .” William Lovett  Address to the Chartists of the United Kingdom (1845)

“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” Thomas Paine

“When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.” Thomas Paine

Pontypool  Sunday night Nov 4th 1839

“Dear Parents,

I hope this will find you well, as I am myself at present.  I shall this night be engaged in a struggle for freedom, and should it please God to spare my life I shall see you soon.  But if not grieve not for me, I shall fall in a noble cause.  My tools are at Mr Cecil’s and likewise my clothing.  Farewell.  Yours truly,  George Shell.” Aged 18 years

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