Our Priorities


Inspiring today’s citizens with a passion for justice and truth which roused yesterday’s Chartist and Suffragette reformers.


 We recognise that heritage is about people not just about places or things. A better understanding of cultural diversity and local Chartist heritage will benefit the general public living in the Newport region by enhancing community perception of the authenticity of the area, encouraging a sense of civic pride and shared ownership. The activities of Our Chartist Heritage will influence local organisations and public bodies to value more highly its heritage and culture assets and to manage heritage resources more effectively.

Our aim is toadvance the education of the public in the history and heritage of the Chartist movement.”

WHAT we do & how we do it?

Our Chartist Heritage (OCH) aims to raise the profile of the local heritage and cultural diversity of the Newport region, in particular the Chartist heritage of South Wales, so that this area becomes more widely known nationally and internationally as the location of the Newport Rising, one of the most significant events in the shaping of British democracy.  OCH aims to develop assets that reinforce this heritage, raise its profile and build upon it in order to support its educational ambitions.  The members of OCH organise meetings and events, produce leaflets, give talks and lectures, arrange conferences, festivals exhibitions and education programmes, raise funds, conserve and interpret items of heritage.  OCH aims to own assets and employ staff to extend the perceived value of the Chartist history, heritage and culture of Newport and South Wales to restore pride and confidence in this unique region.

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