Our People

Our Chartist Heritage Trustees 

Patrick Drewett (Chair)                                               

Dr Elin Jones

Cllr. Charles Ferris

Kim Colebrook

Eoghan Mortel

Jayne Bryant AM

Dr Melinda Drowley

Jon Wilson

Heather Vaughan


 Events Organisers

 Les James

Richard Frame

Colin Gibson

Dr David Osmond

Cllr. David Mayer

Peter Strong

Reymond Stroud

Chris Larcombe

Gareth Coombs

The trustees choose projects on the basis of need and best value.  We consult widely with other bodies such as Newport Museum, Gwent Archives, Shirehall Monmouth, and Newport City Council and other heritage groups, community groups or schools before engaging with them on projects.  We are careful to avoid replication of projects but are keen to support heritage projects being undertaken by other organisations.

The story of the South Wales Chartists transcends other cultural backgrounds and it has become the common heritage of all the inhabitants of the region.  This heritage is a strong and uniting force.  Celebrating common heritage is a powerful and often under-utilised device for strengthening the bonds between diverse communities and reducing inter-community tensions, encouraging people from all sections of the community to feel proud to belong to a region and a city that shares such an inspiring heritage.  By raising the profile and status of local Chartist heritage, we offer a unique hook for community cohesion as well as heritage-led regeneration opportunities.  The commitment to common citizenship values as expressed by the Chartists in the famous event of 1839 when 5000 Chartists marched to Newport from all parts of the South Wales Valleys in the cause of free speech, justice and democracy are as important today as they were then.  OCH champions the democratic process and encourages active citizenship so that communities become more cohesive and our region becomes a safer, stronger, more prosperous and vibrant place in which to live and work.

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