Our Chartist Heritage

Our Chartist Heritage inspires today’s citizens with a passion for justice and truth which roused yesterday’s Chartist and Suffragette reformers.  Our aim is to advance the education of the public in the history and heritage of the Chartist movement by providing talks, exhibitions, conferences, educational materials and any other means that the trustees may from time to time decide.  The commitment to common values as expressed by the Chartists in the famous event of 1839 when over 5000 Chartists marched to Newport from all parts of the South Wales Valleys in the cause of free speech, justice and democracy are as important today as they were all those years ago.

We recognise that heritage is about people not just about places or things. A better understanding of local Chartist heritage will benefit the community living in the Newport region by enhancing the positive perception of the authentic Chartist heritage of the area, encouraging a sense of civic pride and shared ownership.    The Chartists were campaigning for the Right to Vote, a freedom and a right that many of us take for granted today.  Yet others of us, today, still feel marginalised, disenfranchised and silenced, like the Chartists were, in a variety of significant ways, and at election time there is a reluctance to vote. Moreover, there is always a danger that the Chartist heritage of Newport and South East Wales may become the preserve of relatively small groups of experts and enthusiasts. It is vital that a concerted effort be made to enable more people from many walks of life to explore a history and claim a heritage that affirms the human rights of all.

Who benefits?

Heritage is about people not just about places or things.  We work to ensure that the legacy of the  Chartists has a lasting impact and benefits all members of the public and the educational activities of OCH take place across a range of community groups including school and university students, pupils permanently excluded from school, community groups including senior citizens and BME groups and the general public at large.

We aim to raise the profile of Chartist heritage so that the Newport area becomes more widely known nationally and internationally as the location of the Newport Rising, one of the most significant events in the shaping of British democracy.  We are intent on developing assets to reinforce this heritage and build upon it in order to support conferences, festivals, exhibitions and events promoting local heritage and citizenship.Our work in promoting the education of the public in the history and heritage of Chartism will impact not only locally but will also have resonance nationally and internationally.


The activities of Our Chartist Heritage will advance the social wellbeing the general public, highly its heritage and culture assets and to manage heritage resources more effectively.   but not exclusively, school and university students, community groups including senior citizens and BME groups and tourist visitors to the area.


For the benefit of the general public we:

celebrate this region’s common Chartist heritage;

raise public awareness of heritage;

organise events such as the annual School Chartist Walk;

develop Stow Hill as a Chartist walking route;

champion the Human Rights of all people to Vote;

arrange conferences and conventions, meetings, and lectures;

arrange festivals and exhibitions;

produce leaflets;

provide educational materials to schools;

facilitate education programmes;

develop assets that reinforce this heritage;

raise funds;

help to make Newport a more vibrant place in which to live and work;

make Chartist heritage a force for social cohesion;

conserve and interpret items of heritage for educational purposes;

be a focus for heritage-led regeneration opportunities;


co-operate with other heritage organisations;

advise other organisations on heritage matters ;

ensure that the work of Our Chartist Heritage will have lasting impact locally and continued resonance nationally and internationally ;

engage with a range of groups including, but not exclusively, members of the general public, school and university students, community groups including senior citizens and BME groups, and visitors to the Region.

restore pride and confidence in this unique Region through an interpretation of its Chartist heritage;





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