THE   HORN   OF  LIBERTY. – Llanidloes

The Horn of Liberty sounded for the attendance of the populace on the long Bridge  across  the  River Severn, at Llanidloes, where they were addressed by Chartist speakers from the bridge parapets;   after which they  hurried  to the  rescue  of their imprisoned Chartist comrades.


The herald of  Freedom sounds far in the  dale,

Its  notes full of rapture sweep loud through the gale;

Gay prelude of Liberty’s heart-thrilling Voice,-

” Now’s the hour, my Sons, to assert your free choice;

Each bosom’s inspired to combat the foe,

So greet the death struggle with patriot glow!”

She comes, lo! she comes, to our blood-reeking land,

She sighs at the wails of her long faithful band;

Her Martyrs she cheers, who indignantly scowl,

As despots add insults to injury foul;

Fair Truth and Humanity grace her bright train,

While Justice rejoicing thrice blesses her reign!

Lasting honour to those in adversity true,

Who nobly stand foremost demanding our due;

Away with the timid – ’tis treason to fear,

To surrender or falter when danger is near;

For now that our Leaders disdain to betray,

T’were base to desert them, or succour delay!

‘Tis  time that the Victims of labour and care,

Should reap for reward what is labour’s fair share;

‘Tis time that their voices in council be heard

The rather than pay for the Iaw of the sword;

That power is ours with a will of our own;

We conquer united – divided we groan!

Then, hail, brothers, hail, the shrill sound of the horn

For ages deep wrongs have been hopelessly borne;

Despair shall no longer our spirits dismay,

Nor wither the arm when upraised for the fray;

The conflict for freedom is gathering nigh;

We live to secure it, or gloriously die!

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