Leadership Qualities

Values and Virtues of Being a Good Leader?
There are many values and virtues which the Chartist leaders had and these may be some of the more important ones:-
Grateful and Generous Grateful for my own gifts and talents, for the gifts of other people and for the gifts that each day brings; and generous with the gifts I have been given.
Curious and Active Curious about everything, and active in engaging with the world, changing what can be changed for the common good.
Compassionate and Kind Compassionate towards others, near and far, especially the less fortunate;  and kind by the way I act and by my forgiving words
Faithful and Hopeful Faithful and true to my beliefs; hopeful  for the future
Attentive and Discerning Attentive to my experiences and discerning about the choices I make and the effects on others of those choices
Learnéd and Wise Learnéd and well read; Finding the good in all things; and wise in using what I learn for the common good.
Eloquent and Truthful Eloquent, truthful and trustworthy in what I say about myself, the relations between people, and the world; acting with integrity.
Intentional  and Courageous Being intentional in the way that I live my life and how I use of earth’s resources, and courageous in setting an example to others

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