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The Chartists published their own newspapers such as the “Western Vindicator” to attract more followeres and to get their message across.   The first edition of the “Western Vindicator” which was edited by Chartist orator, Henry Vincent, for distribution in South Wales and the West of England, was published on 23rd February 1839 as a four page broadsheet and printed for Henry Vincent at Castle Mill Street, Bristol.  The aim of the newspaper was to explain and to “vindicate” the principles contained in the People’s Charter and to “propound subjects of Political Economy for free and open enquiry so that the general mind may be directed to the attainment of social happiness which would be the goal of our highest hopes under an efficient system of equal representation.”  In the first edition, Henry Vincent asks the question “What have women to do with politics?”  and he himself gives the answer “All – everything!”   Also in the first edition of the newspaper is an address “To the Men and Women of the west of England and South Wales” in which he calls for “POLITICAL EQUALITY”.  John Frost writes “To the Workingmen of Monmouthshire” assuring them that justice is on the side of the Chartists.  Articles are often written by individuals using pseudonyms such as Publico and Vici.  Some articles are written in Welsh and the newspaper often contains poetry of some kind and many stories contain political satire.

The Western Vindicator was the Chartist newspaper for South wales and the West of England.

All editions of the Western Vindicator are available to view at the People’s collection Wales

CLICK HERE to view the Western Vindicator Chartist newspaper

CLICK HERE to see the Northern Star Chartist newspaper

CLICK HERE to see the Southern Star Chartist newspaper

CLICK HERE to see the Poor Man’s Guardian Chartist newspaper

CLICK HERE to see “The Charter” Chartist newspaper

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